Pearl Jam Members Keeping Busy With Side Projects |

Pearl Jam Members Keeping Busy With Side Projects

Green River Reunion - Sub Pop 20 YearsWell, it’s the tenth of the month, which means some sort of Pearl Jam post.

The band has been quiet since they wrapped up their short tour this past summer, but the members have been keeping busy.

OK, here way go…

– Eddie did another solo tour, wrote a song called “Someday We’ll Go All The Way” for the Cubs (who are out of the playoffs now and apparently some folks are blaming Eddie for this lose).

– Mike’s been doing some work with the CCFA and is going to be a part of this Hendrix tour.

– Matt joined another side project, called HarryBu McCage, who released their fist jazz album earlier this month. They band will be playing at the High Dive in Seattle on October 17.

– Jeff released a solo album entitled Tone back on September 16.

– Stone planted some tress in NYC, did a couple of solo shows in Boston and NYC, with shows coming up in L.A. and San Fran and has been releasing new tracks right here from his upcoming solo album. Oh yeah, he’ll also be backing up Vince Mira on November 1 in Seattle.

But, that’s not all.

Mike and Stone will be joining Tom Morello on November 3 at the Showbox in Seattle for a get out and vote gig.

– Finally, Jeff and Stone will once again jam with Mark Arm and Steve Turner for a few more Green River shows. They’ll be playing in Portland on November 28 and November 29 in Seattle, which be for the Supersuckers 20th anniversary show.

As if the guys weren’t bust enough, they’re still working on the next Pearl Jam album.

Image by LeeLeFever via Flickr

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