Back In The Saddle Again |

Back In The Saddle Again

What a rollercoaster ride it’s been over the last week or so! If you didn’t notice (and shame on you), was down for oh about 3 and a half days! WTF happened?

Well, I addressed some issues I was having while updating WordPress and a new theme at the same time. I spent quite a bit of time putting the new theme to work (Wp-Remix is a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be, thank god I have experience reading and hacking WordPress!), but Monday morning at 7:00 am (yes I was up all night putting on the finishing touches), the new design went live.

AT 7:05, my site went down. 403. Forbidden.

Seems my hosting company, who will remain anonymous until (if you know what you’re doing you can figure it out) sent one of my hosting accounts to collections after a failed attempt 3 months ago to draw funds out of my account.

That was my fault, and I’ll take responsibility for it. However, instead of contacting me before I was sent to collections, they just did without notifying me. Then, the collection company sent me A LETTER to an old address that I never got, informing me that my site would be shut down should I fail to comply.

Hell, even if I did get the letter, ten bucks says it would have gone straight in the trash, because it wouldn’t have said anything about being from a hosting company!

So I was shut down. Paid my bill immediately only to find out that it would take up to 4 days for the sites to get back up! OMG what do I do?

I ate it. I could have gotten pissed, but these things happen. Luckily I didn’t loose any rankings or traffic after the site got back online.

Lesson learned? Don’t settle for cheap crappy hosting providers. Go local, or go with some acclaimed hosting provider. I’m looking into partnering with some well known names in my circles and will let you know when that day comes. Hopefully, if I ever get shut down again, I’ll get a phone call from someone, or maybe an EMAIL warning me before things get out of hand!

Anywho, Evolvor is back and better than ever. So let’s celebrate the weekend with a little Aerosmith. Have a safe one.

Back In The Saddle – Aerosmith

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist