Fred Wilson & Bob Leftsetz on AC/DC & WalMart |

Fred Wilson & Bob Leftsetz on AC/DC & WalMart


Just caught this great quote by Fred Wilson discussing a Bob Leftsetz post about the deal AC/DC is making with Wal Mart.

Here is a quote from Fred:

My son Josh loves AC/DC but if it’s not on iTunes, it’s not going to get on his iPod. Clearly AC/DC and/or their manager is in the category of clueless.A VC, Jun 2008

First, check out Bob Lefsetz original post so you know about what’s going on with AC/DC and Wal-Mart.

I agree with both of these guys on why this is a stupid idea.

First reason? I HATE Wal-Mart. I never shop there. I don’t have huge political reservations about the company (like many many do), I just am over shopping at stores that ruin small town business by offering crappy products targeted at low-income families that can’t say know to good deals.

Second reason?
I don’t drive, and I’m not getting a ride just to go by a damn CD when I can just jump online and steal the damn thing, or burn it from a friend, or even walk down to the chic local record store because I like the atmosphere and the employees and finding things I didn’t expect to find.

Third? Like both dudes said, the kids will never give a shit about you if they can’t hear your album or songs on their iPod. Sure, you might pull an Eagles and sell your next album to a couple million Wal-Mart shoppers, but they’ll be no longevity of it – it will get you some cash upfront and during the glory of the release, but it won’t live on. I don’t listen to the radio or even buy CD’s on a regular basis, I listen to what I have on my computer, on Rhapsody, through social services like iMeem and and through my friends.

Besides, making a deal with Wal-Mart is like the biggest most fucked up sell-out thing you can do. For those about to rock, make sure you don’t follow in AC/DC’s path. Not unless you feel like giving the fans a stiff upper lip.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist