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TuneCore.com Hooks Up Customers With iTunes Data

Got another press release for ya kids, this time from our friends over at Tunecore. This is a BIG DEAL, so pay attention:

Starting June 11, for the first time ever for independent musicians, TuneCore.com customers who have their music digitally distributed into iTunes will have access to daily sales trending reports. Through TuneCore, bands can download trending data for how many sales took place each day, by song or by album, by day, and by zip code each week a-la-carte for $2.99 a week.

This is the first time in history independent musicians can download this type of statement. Every Wednesday, the previous week’s (Monday – Sunday) worth of daily sales data will be available for a flat fee. The file will display songs and albums by title, artist and label, how many units they sold in any given US zip code and the day it sold. All seven days’ worth of data is included for as many albums associated with a customers account for the al-la-carte price of $2.99 per week.

TuneCore.com has changed the 100-year-old rules and model of the music business. It is a low, flat fee service that delivers anyone’s music to iTunes, eMusic, Amazonmp3 and many other major download sites while taking no rights and no revenue from the sale of the music. Artists are building careers, selling significant volumes of music and generating revenue while keeping their rights utilizing the new model created by TuneCore. TuneCore has delivered the music of Keith Richards, Bjork, Jay-Z, Public Enemy and thousands of others to the digital download stores.

Having sales data is a big deal, especially if you are trying to move an album through iTunes. Tunecore has definitely stepped up to the plate by being able to offer this data to it’s customers, and for a price that’s worth paying for.

Here’s some recent news regarding Tunecore and some data on the company. I for one think they are he way to go when it comes to distributing your music across the different available channels as easily as possible.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist

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  1. Tanya says:

    Thanks for the info…$2.99 a week seems like a great offer…