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Looking For Graphic Designers & Artists For Music Industry Work

metallica-2ofone.jpgThat’s right folks; if you are a graphic designer, artist, photographer, etc., then I need your help. I am currently working with a number of exciting musical acts from all over the country and am at a stage where I need some artwork for various projects. We’re talking all aspects of building the branding of many acts – album covers, merchandising, and digital artwork (websites, wallpapers, myspace layouts, etc.).

We are looking for unique partners that can collaborate with us to develop original artwork for these acts. I am actively seeking artists and will be hitting up different places online to find the perfect fit, but wanted to give the opportunity to any Evolvor readers first. So, if you think you have the talent, or know someone who does, drop us a line. Please send any portfolio work or links to some examples, along with a description of why you rock. No resume required.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist

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  1. Graphic Artist for your firm

    I’m interested in an employment position as a (Freelance) Web/Graphic Art Designer for your firm.
    12 years experienced as a Graphic Art Designer with good interpersonal communication and office skills.
    You may view my resume and portfolio at http://jonthonyjohnson.com
    I will bring a focus on achieving outstanding service to assist management, your organization and clients.

    Jonthony Johnson (951) 956-5598

  2. Brian Landes says:

    I hope you guys are looking still I need some work to get my T shirt company going. I design t shirts, and everything else.

  3. Senait says:


    I’m a singer/songwriter and keyboardist. I think I’m not the one you’re looking for…cause you want a person who can do artwork. But hey, you’ll never know! Just contact me cause I really wanna work with musicians…aren’t you working with a number of musical acts?! Thanks!

    Take Care,

  4. This is a great opportunity for anyone in the graphic design field of work.

  5. Substance 01 says:

    Can you provide more information on similar issues, or do you have some resources you can share where i can read more about such interesting myspace stuff?

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