The Orchard's Scott Cohen Discusses Building A Community |

The Orchard’s Scott Cohen Discusses Building A Community

While catching up on my blog reader I noticed an a post from Andrew Dubber of New Music Strategies about a recent Futuresonic event he attended.

At the event, Scott Cohen from The Orchard provided a presentation containing 10 important steps to building a community.

His ten steps have been uttered from my mouth time and time again, and I love hearing them from those with higher profiles in the industry, as it tends to reinforce the things that I have been saying or blogging about.

Building a brand isn’t about logos and fancy schmancy flash on your website; it’s not about t-shirts and cover art. These things are just material manifestations of the brand.

Branding is about creating relationships with your fans people.
It’s about reaching out and touching them emotionally. Once you touch them, once you have that relationship, they’ll be yours forever.

Their are many ways to do this, to touch your fans. The main way is through live performance. Seriously, I can say that any act I’ve seen in a live, intimate setting has been a fantastic experience that I’ll never forget, and has created an emotional attachment with the act that played the show.

But you can’t reach everyone that way; you’re only human and only one band. You can’t be everywhere at the same time. Except of course on the web.

Scott mentions that your website, or your concept of your website, is outdated.
It’s not a place to just present an opportunity to purchase a CD. Rather, it’s the foundation for you to start building your community, a place to talk to the fans and let them talk back. And it’s this interaction that creates the emotional bond that will make your musical endeavors a success.

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Eric Hebert

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