Recent Study Shows Blogs More Effective Than MySpace |

Recent Study Shows Blogs More Effective Than MySpace

Okay, so it’s really late and I gotta get some shut-eye, and there’s just too much on my plate for tomorrow morning to elaborate on a recent study that has proved to by a very interesting one amongst the blogosphere.

I caught an article yesterday about how social buzz has recently been tracked by NYU and it’s results are very surprising, pretty much saying that new albums that were mentioned in blogs sold more albums, and that they even sold more albums when compared alongside of numbers of new MySpace friends added.

You can download the PDF of the study if you’d like; I’m gonna digest it for myself soon. Much can be made about the study, and we always have to weigh every thing involved, but I’m gonna say this is a big wake up call for those who have yet to use bloggers as a means to market that new album.

For a great run down of why this study is so awesomely cool, check out this social media stunner reaction to the study.

Just send those albums to:

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  1. News reader says:

    Blogs get into Google hot trends while Myspace don’t.

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