Designing Album Art? Look Into the Past to See Your Future |

Designing Album Art? Look Into the Past to See Your Future

stppurple.jpgDon’t think that just because the music business is heading toward a digital format for good means that there’s no need for album art.

Even as far back as rock on vinyl, album art has always been a promotional tool used to grab the attention of passers by at the local Sam Goody.

And album art may even be more important today then it was used in the past, in a very different way.

In the past, album art was probably used more as a way to “sell” a band before anyone heard the music, with interior artwork used to reinforce the album (if there was any interior work at all).

Now, with the digital age changing things around a bit, the aspects of the art should be used the opposite ways.
While your chosen artwork is still important in the selling department (think about how your website and advertising should reflect the “album cover”), this time around you’re offering more than just digital music files by providing download-able extras as part of the deal.

Those who may have a hard time convincing of downloading that album in the first place may do so once they find out the download comes with a ‘lil something extra.

So make sure you have some pictures and artwork to give away if you’re going to be offering downloads of your music. The more your create, the more fans will have a peak into the band and their music. If you’re having a problem figuring out what you want this artwork to look like, check out some of your influences’ work and layouts using for some inspiration.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist