Pearl Jam Shows Us Posters Done Right |

Pearl Jam Shows Us Posters Done Right

pjposter.jpgOh how I have waited so long for this day! Just got word the pre-orders are being taken for a new book entitled “Pearl Jam vs. Ames Bros: 13 Years of Tour Posters”.

Nobody does posters like Pearl Jam has been doing them, and it’s an awesome example of how you should treat any merchandise you’re thinking about selling.

You see, Pearl Jam has a different poster developed for just about EVERY concert it plays.

They are high quality prints of original art created by the Ames Bros (Bassist Jeff Ament’s graphic design company) and artist Brad Klausen.

These posters are always in high demand at every PJ show and sell out within minutes of going on sale. And if you jump on ebay, you’ll see that there’s a nice collectors market for these gems.

It’s awesome to not only see PJ in concert, but if you get a chance to grab one of these prints, you’re sure as hell framing it and hanging it above the fireplace. A piece of memorabilia that all PJ fands are proud of.

Now, not every band has the artistic ability to create unique posters for every gig you play; instead, a good way to get art created for your band is to find an artist looking to get there name out there.

A joint-venture between an artist and a musician. They are creating visual pieces of artwork that will grab people’s attention and get them interested in your music.

Then there’s the fans of your music who in turn get turned on to their artwork by buying a poster or other merchandise.

So if you’re band doesn’t have the time to produce some cool art or just doesn’t have the talent, remember there are some awesome artists out there just waiting for an opportunity to get their work seen – and you might just be the one to give it to them.

So where do you go to find cool art? Trust me, it’s everywhere. You can search locally or globally, depending on the kind of relationship you want. A good place would be to do searches on networks like MySpace and Facebook.

Another thing you’ll need to consider is the type of art you’re looking for. Pearl Jam takes a low-brow-pop-art approach in their posters; check out Juxtapoz Magazine to explore more of this world and find your own style.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist