Blogoholcia 5/18/07 |

Blogoholcia 5/18/07


If you’re still unfamiliar with the whole social media scene, you have no more excuses; 10e20’s main man Chris Winfield gives us all a quick intro to the big boys of social bookmarking.

Lazy-pants Tim Ferris of The Four Hour Work Week fame talks to Rob Scoble about how he reads a million RSS feeds everyday.

When I got a story “dugg” a few months ago, my host and I were not prepared and the site went down. Make sure you know how to survive the digg effect.

One more Digg link here, this time for the Digg Notify application.

Get your Photoshop on with these free Photoshop plugins.

Finally, our friends at Copybloger have a nice little piece on how to create an effective landing page.

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