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New Weekly Column – Blogoholica


Were starting a new column here at evolvor, dubbed the “blogaholica”. Let’s face it, I’m addicted. It interferes with my work and my love life. Yes, I’m talking about the staggering amount of blog posts I read every damn week!

We’re gonna take at the best blog posts, news stories, and articles from the week that will help you promote yourself online and let you check ’em out over the weekend, so you can take a “vacation” from our site for the day.

While many hotshots out their have their own “link roundup” posts, we’re gonna keep it as reader-friendly as possible, and we wont throw to many at you at once. No reason for you to have information overload too!

Rich Kid discusses the trials of marketing a celebrity online.

Bob discusses why subscribers are more important than visitors, something that’s often overlooked.

Positivity Blog has 22 quotes about fear that we all need to use to motivate us sometimes.

Lifehacker shows us how to stream our music, create web badges, and change our web colors.

Freelance switch saves my life with how to crank out articles faster.

Darren discusses digging up old blog posts.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist