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Let the Spamming of YouTube Begin! Again!

So earlier this week (or was it last week? I’ve been so busy!) we all learned that Google/YouTube will be paying people for uploading videos to YouTube.

Much like I discussed last year with Revver, YouTube will begin adding “relevant” advertisements for the millions of crappy videos we see everyday on YouTube.

That’s great news for content developers, i.e. EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET WHO OWNS A CAMERA!

Now the whole world can play in the TV commercial sandbox.

  • Step one is create content.
  • Step two is get people to watch content.
  • Step three make money off the advertising.

Notice I never mentioned that you had to make GOOD content. Kinda like rest of the entertainment industry nowadays.
You see, YouTube spam 1.0 was creating a crappy video and putting a web url at the bottom with popular tags so people would watch said video and see your url. Just think of all the illegal music videos you’ve watched (and the kind I sometimes put on this site!)

Now people will create useless videos and have the opportunity to make ad revenue off of them!

Then as more and more people spam YouTube, it will become harder and harder to land on page one. Especially as Google adds algorithms and social media voting and tagging to see whose video is “most relevant”

Then an entire industry will pop up to “optimize” videos so they achieve high YouTube search rankings!

What a great time to be in this industry.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist