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Let’s talk about WordPress and The GPL

eric hebert, evolvor mediaSo, I’ve been thinking lately about charging a small fee to set-up WordPress Blogs for students (I live in a college town and think that all students should be online and be blogging!).

Basically, the fee ($99) would be to buy a few hours of my time. I’d guide the student from domain purchase, wordpress set-up and installation, covering the basics of the software, it’s uses, how to blog etc.

I’d also cover internet marketing basics, SEM, social networking (Digg, Delcious, Technorati, etc.), analytics, RSS-the full 9. Basic stuff to get them up and running. The promotion will be called “Operation: Jumpstart” and may only be offered for a limited time. On top of that, each student will have advertising partnership opportunities down the road.

Savvy students will be able to set everything up on their own through the “Operation: Jumpstart” resource pages here at evolvor.com, which will coincide with the promotion. I don’t want to fool anyone here and want to offer anyone the opportunity to start their own site. This allows me to spend time teaching people about the wonderful world of marketing online.

I’m looking into the WordPress GPL to make sure I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings or breaking any laws by selling my services using an open-source CMS.

Do you charge others to teach/set-up/use open source platforms? Is it “morally” okay if I do this? Thoughts please.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist

3 Responses

  1. Mark Groen says:

    Sure you can do that and it’s perfectly moral, that’s just one of the ways Open Source is spread, here’s the link:


  2. Eric Hebert says:

    Thanks Mark. I agree that it does help spread the word of Open Source, in addition to offering an affordable alternative to getting someone online.

    People get blown away when I set them up with WordPress and only charge them a hundred bucks.

  3. Myron Tay says:

    Won’t it be better to charge teachers for that service?