Introduction to SEO Web Design |

Introduction to SEO Web Design

Much can be discussed about the topic of search engine optimized design, or SEO web design, and provided here are resources for you to research this further. We’ll just stick to discussing how design impacts your marketing campaign and the interaction that takes place between the viewer and your website.

Navigation is one of the most important factors in website design. All the flashy graphics in the world can’t save you if a viewer can’t navigate through your website. Because of the various mindsets of people that will arrive at your site, you don’t want to restrict how they navigate. Rather, it’s better to offer a variety of organized navigation, so users can choose themselves how they will navigate through a site.

Still the object of any site is in most cases to get the viewer to perform an action, whether it’s to purchase a product or pick up the phone or request more information. You’ll notice the navigation for this website is designed for the user who wants to learn about various Internet marketing concepts.

They can either navigate page by page as we direct you in order, or you can use the left side navigation to jump to any page you would like. Ultimately, our goal is to introduce concepts so you will seek further knowledge, either by clicking on an advertisement or contacting us for a consultation.

Every site owner needs to address where they want the viewer to end up in order building the proper navigation around these pages. The site map page is a must for every site, providing a full list of every page available on a website. Occasionally a viewer will be looking for a very specific page, and the site map is the perfect place to go to find what you’re looking for.

While graphics and flash animation are fantastic ways to grab attention, they must be used in moderation as too many pictures or too much flash can slow down a websites load time. Nothing is more embarrassing than going to a web page just to wait a few minutes while a page loads.

We as people have very short attention spans as it is, and that few minutes lost can mean a loss in customers, which results in loss in profits. Keep the page loading time under 8 seconds to ensure your customers actually hear what you have to say.

Web Design is an art form and should not be discarded if you’re going for a professional image. There are thousands of companies online today that would immediately loose credibility the minute someone saw their website, simply because of poor design. Don’t settle for C-grade design; you’re just going to get c-grade business from it. Spend the time and effort or hire a professional to ensure careful planning.

A professional site using up-to-date css techniques will save you time and money in the future rather than a cheap template site. And don’t forget the open source possibilities. The site you’re looking at right now is using a free, open-source blogging platform called WordPress, which saved us countless hours and dollars.

Eric Hebert

Founder and Lead Digital Strategist