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Getting some of your Washington NJ home’s electricity from solar has many benefits.

Solar and wind energy have for years been explored as the potential solutions to the looming crisis of global warming and exhausting fossil fuel supplies. You might have noticed that solar panels have been appearing on rooftops across New Jersey, and there are a vast number of deals on offer for Washington NJ residents to harness the power of the sun.

Some people predicted the end of free solar panels in Washington NJ when the government drastically reduced the feed in tariff incentives in 2011, but if anything the industry is stronger than ever. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the best option is a free installation, though, so let’s look at the reasons why you might be better off considering buying your panels yourself.
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Free solar deals aren’t free at all, they’re actually a scheme whereby a company has a sizeable investment available to fund the solar installations on the behalf of their customers. This investment pool may be the company’s own money, a large loan from a bank or other lender, or a cash injection from a professional investor who is looking for a good return on the money they invest. Whichever is the source for a given free solar scheme, there is a common goal, and that is to make a long term investment (usually 20 ” 25 years) where the whole sum will be returned plus a very good profit.

As you have probably guessed, for professional investors to be interested, there must be a good chance that they will get a very good return, usually several times the initial investment, because they are tying up their money for long periods. A typical solar installation will cost between $7000 and $15,000 when you include the costs of installation (such as labour and scaffolding as well as the solar panel system itself).

So, where does the return on investment come from?

The government set up a financial incentive in 2010 which applies to green energy created by solar panels called feed in tariffs. You can earn cash for every unit of electricity you generate through this method, and you get paid whether or not you use it in your home in Washington NJ. Anything that you don’t use can be sold to other companies by selling the electricity to the energy companies in New Jersey who in turn resell it to their customers. This process of selling electricity to the National Grid also attracts an export tariff so you earn slightly more.

The income from feed in tariffs will usually be tax free, and it’s index linked which means the incentive rises with inflation each year. The amount you earn is directly linked to the amount of electricity created, so the more powerful the solar installation you put on your roof, the more you can make (but the more the initial system is likely to cost too).

In reality the size of your roof and the weight it can support will likely be the determining factors in the system you install, which is why it is important to have a solar survey conducted on your house as the first step in buying panels. You wouldn’t want to invest your money in a solar panel kit only to find the roof in your house in Washington NJ isn’t strong enough to install them! The easiest way to arrange a survey is through a team of experts such as Stay Covered, who can advise on the government backed feed in tariff scheme and recommend a local installer in the Washington NJ area.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels In Washington NJ?

The reasons to opt for solar power in Washington NJ are fourfold:

  • Reduce your electric bill
    It has been estimated that the average household will save up to 40% on their bill, so generating your own electricity is a huge benefit, not least because in recent years the price just seems to rise again and again. The power you get from the sun’s rays is free once the panels are installed, so each unit you generate will become more and more valuable with every price rise from your current supplier.
  • Earn extra money through feed in tariffs
    It goes without saying that the income from solar power will be welcome in many households around Washington NJ . What’s more the protection against inflation you get from the index linked nature of the feed in tariff will mean you are likely to earn more with each year that passes.
  • Get a reliable source of power for the future
    Blackouts and brownouts are a very real risk in future if US doesn’t start to change the way we source our electricity. We keep hearing about how the big companies are having to import their power from abroad and how prices are rising. By putting solar panels in your house in Washington NJ, you can have a reliable source of power every day the sun comes up!
  • Help the environment
    The often forgotten benefit of solar energy is the one that was once the most popular, choosing to pollute the planet less. The power we get from burning coal both relies on a finite supply of coal (which is believed to be going to run out in the next hundred years or so) and pumps out pollution into the atmosphere. Neither of these can continue in the long term, so renewable sources like solar and wind power are a great solution to choose today.

Solar panels in Washington NJ are now a reality as they are not only affordable, but also a great investment. With more government cuts being announced all the time, the feed in tariffs may not be around forever, so now is the time to get your guaranteed returns locked in.

Free panels may be tempting, but if you can find a way to buy them yourself, you should at least look into whether it would be a better investment. Whichever route you choose you’ll get the free electricity, but the other financial rewards can be surprisingly attractive. Speak to Stay Covered today for more information. Please share if interested in solar panel installation in Washington NJ, you never know the deal we have for you.

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