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Portishead Ask Fans To Help Distribute New Album

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  1. Unfortunately, this sounds like the back side of a downward slope, kind of like our economy… when will it hit the bottom? When will Geoff realize that the music is all that there will ever be?

    As an avid Portishead fan for quite some time, I am disappointed, in Third, in the idea that the music isn’t the end result anymore… just the payout. The polished and raw sounds of Portishead that has had a lasting effect and still reserves a top spot in my playlist from the sultry Glory Box to the impact that you feel rather than hear on Seven Months and so many from the first two albums… and not a single one from their last album. So, is it worth building up something that I feel a bit betrayed, wanting to find that it has the impact that made me love the band, worried that it will be just another attempt at getting paid?

    I guess that is the question, isn’t it?

  2. Eric Hebert says:

    I don’t know. As far a the “getting paid” part, I think they are doing the right thing of asking their fans for ideas – it’s a way to get them involved with the project.

    I also feel they are kidding about the whole money thing, to a certain degree. I’m not a Portishead fan yet so I ave no emotional reason for not liking this idea, and se it as a kinda neat way to interact with those who are going to get the album regardless.

    Even so, I have a few ides that I’m going to throw their way!

  3. Eric,
    Don’t get me wrong, I am all for sharing ideas that can build success, I guess I am still a little jaded by Third and the thought that:
    “I don’t think that were into giving out music away for free to be honest… it f***in’ takes ages to write and we have to heat our swimming pools…!!!”
    might be construed makes me a bit concerned, both for the artist and the musicians that are busting their a**es just to get to be heard… I can assure you that I will buy the new album, in hopes that Third was a fluke!

  4. Zuzz says:

    Seems like a lot of the x-major label artists are 2 steps behind Trent Reznor and NIN.