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6 Reasons Why Coldplay Are Guilty of Plagiarism

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  1. TheAntiHeroHimself says:

    Seriously, i never liked coldplay, not for personal reasons, i just don’t like their music at all, as far as any hearing of a coldplay song on the radio prompts me to immediately change the radio channel or turn it off [And not many songs/bands make me do that]. Even though I’ve always respected any band who at least made their own music, and could perform well, both live and in studio, this is just sad. Like, i thought Viva La Vida was the first scandal of this type concerning the band, which was still sort of vague to me, but like, reading this, there is no doubt, something is, in FACT, very obviously wrong, even to the naive eye. Someone should send a link of that famous comparison video to Satriani’s fan mail or something. I sure hope he wins the trial, good luck Satch!

    And for those people who call Satriani’s music “half music” (because of its lack of vocals), well, I’ve never heard Cold Play shred some gut busting solos, hmm? Maybe those people are just too shallow and have to feel so personally affected by this lawsuit that they must defend their favorite band at all costs. Well, i hope that after reading this whole thing(referring to Albert Costill’s article) that you realize that the facts are pretty straight forward, and that denying it all and saying “Cold Play is so much better than Satriani” isn’t gonna fix anything. And no, Joe Satriani’s band isn’t my favorite band, far from that, but i do enjoy listening to their music now and then, so I’m not defending my favorite band, far from that, I’m just giving my support to Satch. Go Satriani!

  2. jason nady says:

    10bucks says u never listened to coldplay songs
    making assumptions from what others have said huh?
    well too bad
    your missing out