The Best Evolvor Posts of 2007 |

The Best Evolvor Posts of 2007

meblack.jpgWell, it’s all over folks. 2007 was a big deal, at least for this guy. As a matter of fact, before 2007, was just a lonely little marketing blog that didn’t really get any attention.

And all of that changed in just one year – a reminder that, with time and perseverance, things do come together.

I’ve been kinda a slacker in the blogging department over the last month or so – so many crazy things have happened that I haven’t had the time to get any good posts made. One of my resolutions is to ramp up the content, so hold on tight!

With that being said, I’ve taken the time today to look back on my first full year of blogging and pick out some really important posts that provide some really good resources for musicians looking to promote themselves on the web. Hopefully, 2008 will have ten times as many articles here for you to use.

My Top Music Marketing Posts of 2007

How To Sell Your Music On iTunes

Is MySpace All That?

Understanding Intellectual Property

How Should I Distribute My Music On the Web?

Get Your Music Online, Now!

Give Your Music Away For Free ?

Lefsetz On Why You Shouldn’t Sign To A Major Label

Is Snocap Really All That ?

Some Notes On the “New” Music Industry

Pearl Jam Shows Us Posters Done Right

What Is A Copyright?

The Hardest Part Of Marketing Art

Are You a Starving Artist ?

Designing Album Art? Look Into the Past to See Your Future

Creating Your Band’s Logo

Attn: Musicians – The Future of Marketing Music is Here

Know What Your Priorities Are, Kids

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